This is the path of first resort. It requires discipline and patience, but there is little if any doubt that meditation, in its multitude of forms, is of tremendous benefit to the mind and body (see "20 scientific reasons..." @psychologytoday). Meditation carries little risk and has more demonstrable cognitive benefit than any other path. Meditation methods differ about what you do with your body, mind and voice. Do you sit in a chair, walk through the woods, adopt the lotus or half-lotus position, stand? Do you push yourself to erase all thoughts or just observe them? Are you silent or repeating a mantra? Out loud or in your head?

Recommended resources: A leading practice today is Vipassana, a Buddhist tradition. Great how-to manual For a more detailed introduction to what makes Vipassana special, see Henepola Gunaraana's article One major advantage over the (perhaps) better known Transcendental Meditation (TM) approach is that classes and retreats are free.


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